Fiercely Oregonian, Proudly Independent!

Oregon is filled with the pioneering spirit of talented people honing their art every day. You taste it at food trucks. You sip it in a glass of thoughtfully crafted beer, wine or spirits. You hear it at music venues. You spot it at street fairs and boutiques.

Independent souls throw their whole hearts into what they do. They want a job that fulfills them. They want to instigate change in the world. They wish to educate and inspire others, all on their on terms. I know this because it is what drives me.

When I started Ivy Hover – Digital Marketing + Branding I knew that I’d be designing for others but I also wanted to create something for me.One sunny Sunday I was sketching in a notebook (I desire to live in a world with very little paper, but a good ol’ sketch book really gets my creativity flowing). Within 30 minutes I had the Indie Oregon concept down on paper. Flash forward to 10 days ago, I have my first run of tees and totes!

INDIE was the buzz word of my youth. I was fully immersed in the indie rock scene. I worked at the college radio station, hung out in record stores and saw thousands of bands play. I know I am not alone as I have been lucky to surround myself with many go-getters throughout my life.

My wish is for Indie Oregon to celebrate our unique culture of indie makers and shakers. I hope you will join me.